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Round "N" Round It Goes

$500 44"h x 24"w x 3"d

How to Get Ahead 39"h, 24"w, 5"deep $2,000

Games People Play - sold


How the Wind Blows 22.5"h x 20"w x 20"deep $800

How the Wind Blows detail

Find Your Way $95




Measure of a Man 22"h, 17.5"w $700

No Exit $225

Horse Power $75

12"h x 16"w

Manhattan From South Ferry

$225 13"h, 7.75"w, 3" deep

Citicorp Center

$175 23.5"h,19.5"w

click to see larger version


10th Street, Greenwich Village

12.5"h, 36"w, 5"deep $2,400

Danger Do Not Open $375

Danger Do Not Open

(inside detail)

Illuminate The Darkness N/A

Space-Time Continuum $275

Another Computer Mishap


Her Thoughts lay Heavy On Her Mind



Dream On $195

19.75"h, 12"w


The Lost Child - 2006

14" wide x 18" high x 8.5" deep




Time Haunts Me




The Golden Light of Autumn 20"h, 20"w SOLD