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Jose Acosta www.mindsisland.com/members/jose
Brightly colored paintings and more somber assemblages

Loel Barr www.loelbarr.com
Don Bruschi www.donaldbruschi.com
Sculptures in neon, steel and glass
Leslie Bryce www.lesliebryce.com
Metal sculpture

Dave Channon www.EsopusCreek.com Fine art, Illustration, web design, video production
Glenn Dewitt www.glenndewitt.com
Innovative photography of the human body, including portraiture

Bronson Eden www.bronsoneden.com
Valerie Fanarjian www.catskillartist.com
Collages of paper, fabric, and other materials
Stacie Flint www.stacieflint.com
Vividly colorful expressionist/narrative paintings
Trina Greene www.trinasculpture.com
Sculpture in bronze and ceramic, mixed media work, spiritually inspired
Steve Heller www.fabulousfurnitureon28.com
Wood furniture, metal sculpture, car furniture
Lenny Kislin lennykislin.com
Assemblages created with antiques and a sharp wit
Rich Morris www.richmorrisart.com
Paintings of swirling jewel-tone colors, figures hidden in the mists
Paxton Mobley www.midrealism.paxtonfineart.com
Paxton insists his paintings are "midreal", not "surreal"; you be the judge
Rob Millard www.robmillardmendez.com
Sculptures, often interactive, that combine toy-like qualities with dark humor

JONATHAN TALBOT www.talbot1.com Master Collagist and painter

Anique Taylor www.aniquetaylor.com

Susan Whelan hotmudstudio.com
Ceramic sculpture and functional objects, often with a whimsical twis


The Arts Upstairs

Arts Society of Kingston

Woodstock Artists Association

Christina Varga Gallery

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery

Donskoj Gallery www.donskoj.com




















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