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Judith Singer's latest projects

Summer 2009: Shandaken Artists' Open Studio Tour

DRIVEArts Booth, Others Show, NYC, November 2007

In addition to creating my own art and showing it locally, most often at The Arts Upstairs Gallery, I am always looking for places for local artists to show their work. For example, I curate the ongoing art shows at The Ulster Savings Bank branch in Phoenicia, which generously offers wall- and shelf-space for local artists and craftspeople to display their work for sale without charging a hanging fee or commission (they figure they are amply compensated by being allowed to see great artwork and crafts decorating their workspace). Recently I created a non-profit company, DRIVEArts LLC, in order to organize booths of artists for shows in New York City and elsewhere. I've done this informally for years, either under my own name or that of the Arts Society of Kingston. Our first show under the DRIVEArts name was the "Others" Art show produced by Stella Management, located next to the Pier Antiques show in November. Artists in the booth included Jose Acosta, Bronson Eden, Stacie Flint, Jacquie Roland, Fay Wood and myself. As the photos below show, the booth looked great, we got great exposure, and we made a sale.